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The Cleveland County Fire Fighters' Association and its Members have had a long, proud history of providing quality services to the citizens of Cleveland County. Since the inception of the Association, our Departments have built a reputation for innovative and progressive leadership in fire services.



  • We consist of fifteen Fire Departments (Volunteer and Paid), one Level 2 Hazmat Team and two Forrest Rangers.

  • On a yearly average, our departments respond to over 3,000 fire calls.

  • We provide many services to our community including, fire suppression, medical first response, hazardous materials response, car seat safety checks, fire prevention programs, and many more.

  • The county has a population of about 96,287 residents, covering 460 square miles.

  • Our area is composed of industrial and manufacturing facilities, farms, motor-sports venues, shopping centers, hospitals, nursing homes and residential homes.

  • As an association, we continue to evaluate our departments and our services to become more effective and efficient in the fire service to meet the ever-changing needs of our citizens.

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